Study Abroad: University of Kansas Summer Language Programs in Croatia and Ukraine

Application deadline: Feb 15, 2019

Language Institute in Zadar, Croatia

During this six week summer program (May 19 – June 28, 2019), students receive highly individualized Croatian language instruction while living in Zadar on the Adriatic coast.  A program of lectures and cultural activities complement language instruction.  Students study at LinguaCroatica, run by Prof. Mile Mamić of the University of Zadar.  6 credit hours are awarded by the University of Kansas. The summer program is FLAS eligible.  Program is open to undergraduate and graduate students.  One year of college-level Croatian is necessary for participation.

Language Institute in L’viv, Ukraine

During the six week program (June 2 – July 17, 2019) students are enrolled in intensive Ukrainian language courses at Ivan Franko National University, one of the most prestigious institutions in Ukraine and a primary center of learning in Central Europe. The on-site director, University of Kansas faculty member Dr. Oleksandra Wallo is a L’viv native with 10+ years of experience teaching Ukrainian language and culture at U.S. universities. Excursions to multiple cultural sites around L’viv, weekend trips to the Carpathian mountains and to Kyiv, as well as a day-long trip to three castles in the L’viv region are included with the program. 6 credit hours are awarded by the University of Kansas. The Ukrainian language program is open to undergraduate and graduate students at any language level from any major, including students with no prior Ukrainian language experience.

Apply for a Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship at one’s own university to participate in the KU Summer Program in L’viv or Zadar. Application for the FLAS fellowship is made separately, and usually has an earlier deadline in February.

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