Arseny Verkeev

Position title: Pre-doctoral Research Fellow 2021-2022


Room 6103, Law School

Arseny Verkeev’s research interests are empirical studies of law, crime, and social control with a particular focus on the demand for law, victim experience, and social construction of deviance. His current research is focused on perceptions of crime and safety in Russia. Taking advantage of various datasets, it inquires into correlates of fear of crime, perceived safety, and mobilization of law.

His collaborative projects explore the role of formal legislation in shaping social norms and values (Ronald F. Inglehart Laboratory for Comparative Social Research), and the social impacts of natural disasters (Friedrich Ebert Foundation). Earlier he has contributed to the Russian Crime Victimization Survey, the first nationally representative study of crime victims in the country, as a research assistant at the Institute for the Rule of Law at the European University at St. Petersburg.

Arseny is a doctoral student in sociology at the Higher School of Economics at St. Petersburg where he is involved in teaching graduate-level courses as a seminar instructor. He holds an M.A. in sociology from the same university. Earlier he graduated from the Liberal Arts and Sciences program (Smolny) of St. Petersburg State University with a major in economics. At UW–Madison, his work is curated by Professor Kathryn Hendley.