Iana Nakhimova

Position title: Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2021-2022

Email: nakhimova@wisc.edu

Department of Sociology
Sewell Social Sciences Building

Yana Nakhimova

Iana Nakhimova hails from Tyumen, Russia, where she earned a PhD in sociology from Tyumen State University and taught courses in research methods, Russia and foreign marketing, and corporate social responsibility. Her research focuses on the connection between youth behavior and the social environment in Russia by analyzing a range of data sources such as documents, photographs, statistics, surveys, detailed interviews, expert interviews, and focus groups. Previously, she has examined anti-drug policies of different countries and compared the social attitudes of youth groups with and without experience using drugs.

At UW-Madison, Nakhimova is developing her project, “Self-Preservation Behavior among Young People in Russia,” a timely study, given the global health emergency in the last year and a half. In addition, Nakhimova looks forward to exchanging ideas with other scholars and learning to carry out sociological research using the field’s latest methodological and analytical approaches. In addition to her scholarship, Nakhimova is also the founder of an innovative fitness school with a holistic approach to youth development, Body Mind.