Ted Gerber

Credentials: Project Director

Position title: Conway-Bascom Professor of Sociology

Email: tgerber@ssc.wisc.edu

Phone: (608) 262-5033

4450 Sewell Social Sciences

Headshot of Theodore Gerber

Selected Publications:
Theodore P. Gerber and Jonas Radl. “Pushed, Pulled, or Blocked? The Elderly and the Labor Market in Post-Soviet Russia.” Social Science Research. Vol. 45, 2014, pp. 152–169.

Theodore P. Gerber and Karine Torosyan. “Remittances in Georgia: Correlates, Economic Impact, and Social Capital Formation.” Demography. Vol. 50, no. 4, August 2013, pp.1279-1301.

Theodore P. Gerber. “Changing Family Formation Behavior in Postsocialist Countries: Similarities, Divergences, and Explanations.” Chapter 9 in Nina Bandelj and Dorothy Solinger (eds.), Socialism Challenged, Socialism Vanquished: China and Eastern Europe, 1989-2009. Oxford University Press. 2012.

Theodore P. Gerber. “School Discipline, Math/Science Achievement, and College Aspirations in Contemporary Russia.” Chapter 7 in Richard Arum and Melissa Velez (eds.) Improving Learning Environments in Schools: Lessons from Abroad. Stanford University Press. 2012.

Theodore P. Gerber and Brienna Perelli-Harris. “Maternity Leave in Turbulent Times: Effects on Labor Market Transitions and Fertility in Russia, 1985-2000.” Social Forces. Vol. 90, no. 4, June 2012, pp. 1297-1322.

Ph.D., Sociology University of California-Berkeley, 1995


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