Daniil Kashkarov           

I am ethnical Russian who was born in Tashkent and lived in Uzbekistan until the age of 18. I’ve got my bachelors from the University of Economics in Prague and then was admitted to PhD program in Economics at CERGE-EI.

Currently I am on the 5th year of my PhD track. The most of this academic year I’ve spent at Yale Economics Department, as a visiting assistant in research.

My research interests include macro labor economics, life-cycle modelling, human capital and education. I am also interested in the development of the post-Soviet states, including Central Asian states and Russia.

Presentation title:

Childcare Provision and Female Labor Supply in Russia: Evidence from Household Survey Data

Presentation description:

Russia is characterized by a relatively high female employment rate (66% in 2019, compared to 61% in OECD countries) and a low employment rate of mothers with young children — under three years old (51% in 2019, compared to 59% in OECD countries). We investigate a causal effect of the variation in the supply of public childcare services on female employment. Post-soviet Russia provides an appealing context because the pro-working traditions of the recent past were interrupted by the decrease in childcare availability in the 1990s and its rationing in the recent decades. Using two complementary approaches, difference-in-differences with a continuous variation in childcare availability on the district (raion) and city level and a fuzzy regression discontinuity design based on the age of the youngest child, we find a positive and economically meaningful effect of childcare availability on the probability of work for the most constrained by childcare rationing women — with children aged 0-2 years old: a 10 p.p. increase in childcare availability leads to a 1.6 p.p. increase in the probability of working.