Aleksei Egorov

Aleksei Egorov is a Research Fellow and Deputy Head of the Laboratory for University Development at the National Research University Higher School of Economics. His research interests include economics of education, efficiency and performance measurements of higher education institutions, higher education policy analysis.

Presentation title:
Universities’ internal governance and their efficiency – empirical evidence from Russia

Presentation description:

(Tommaso Agasisti, Aleksei Egorov, Daria Platonova and Pavel Serebrennikov)

In this paper, we analyse how different internal governance practices, implemented in a sample of more than 200 Russian universities, influence their efficiency level. The dimensions investigated here are related to the autonomy level of universities’ departments, centralization of decision-making, the structure of the salary fund, and performance contracts for faculty. Data refer to the year 2015. To study the relationship between these practices and efficiency, we use a conditional Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) approach. The empirical analysis is performed separately for teaching-oriented and research oriented universities to account for the heterogeneity inside the national Higher Education system. The results suggest that governance arrangements can be strongly associated with the efficiency level of higher education institutions, emphasizing the potential role of management.