Wisconsin Russia Project Graduate Student Short-Term Travel Awards

The Wisconsin Russia Project (WRP) at the Center for Russia, East Europe, and Central Asia at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (CREECA) invites applications from current UW-Madison graduate/professional school students in the social sciences for short-term fieldwork awards for research in the Russian Federation. Awards are made possible through a grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York. Grantees are expected to conduct social science research about Russia in one or more of the five topic areas: 1) Education, labor markets, and inequality; 2) Law and society; 3) Political economy; 4) Identity, place, and migration; and 5) Demographic change.

Eligibility and Award Details:

  • WRP Awards are available for fieldwork conducted in the Russian Federation, and range from $1,000 to $4,000, depending on the duration of the project.
  • Awards can be made only for travel expenses related to the approved research proposal. The payment of WRP awards to students must be made in compliance with the new (October 2018) UW-Madison “Student Payment Guidelines.” In general, this means that the WRP Awards will be paid through SIS to U.S. citizens and permanent residents, and as a “lump-sum payment” (through payroll) to non-resident aliens. There may be tax implications for these awards.
  • Allowable travel expenses in the budget may include such items as international airfare, per diem for meals and incidentals, accommodations, and ground transportation.
  • In compliance with UW-Madison policy, students conducting research in Russia must have their proposed travel approved by the University International Travel Committee. Please contact Ron Machoian for more information about this policy.
  • Students whose research travel is fully funded through other sources (e.g. a fellowship, grant, or department funds) are not eligible to apply for CREECA funds.

To apply:

  • A complete application will include all of the following:
    • Copy of applicant’s CV or resume
    • Proposal narrative providing the following information:
      1. Research Project Title
      2. Research Project Abstract (indicate which of the 5 WRP topic areas the research relates to)
      3. Describe how this paper/project relates to your larger academic plans/professional advancement
      4. Explain the significance and contribution of this research to your discipline
      5. Proposed Fieldwork Site
      6. Proposed Travel Dates
      7. Details of Fieldwork Plans (Library and archive visits, interviews, etc.)
    • Completed project budget at CREECAgradawardworksheet
    • Print-out of Meals and Incidentals (M&IE) per diem for the dates/cities of travel. To complete this form, go to the UW Travel Wise calculator at https://uw.foxworldtravel.com/rate-calculator/. Enter the destination city and dates of your proposed travel, and then click “Calculate Rates.” This should generate a page that can be saved as a PDF (see “print rates” centered below the calculation).

Submit the above-listed items in PDF format to russiaproject@creeca.wisc.edu. Be sure to put “Wisconsin Russia Project Graduate Travel Award” in the subject line of your message.

Lastly, applicants should arrange for one letter of recommendation to be sent from an advisor. It is the applicant’s responsibility to request letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation should be addressed to “Wisconsin Russia Project Graduate Travel Award Review Committee” and should be on letterhead and signed. Letters should be in PDF format and sent as email attachments directly from the recommender to russiaproject@creeca.wisc.edu. Please put “Wisconsin Russia Project Travel Award” in the subject line.

CREECA now considers applications on a rolling basis, throughout the academic year. Requests for funding should be made well in advance of the travel, and at least 30 days before the trip. Applications will be reviewed monthly, on the 15th of each month. (When the 15th falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, applications will be reviewed on the first Monday after the 15th.)